Goodbye for now

~2009 I started blogging on this website.. I've kept journals of some sort forever - drawing, photos - , so blog followed naturally. It presented a personal challenge to be fearlessly (but discreetly) frank about what was on my mind. Stream of consciousness helped keep an eye out for redundant/worrisome thinking. Sometimes caused issues - potential lover confused by unfinished thoughts, friends learned stuff maybe they wish they hadn't - used it to work out *a lot* of stuff!
 When my Frida with gun went viral, folks overnight found & pulled my written thoughts out of the blog and used them in debates regarding whether I was a good or bad person. I learned that thousands of random strangers reading my relatively private thoughts, did not hurt - much less kill me.
 Not sure if anyone still looks at it - I preferred not to know - years ago a couple of guys let me know the frankness helped them feel less alone, Gil used to read it daily - it's been really boring lately (IMO) as I deal with job loss/hunt - yuck.
 Anyway, I've decided current issues are best dealt with privately, so will keep journaling but not post.
 Gonna refocus angrylambie on my photos & job hunting.
 If you've ever read any of this stuff, I hope it had some value for you.